What's a Kookabox?

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What's a Kookabox?

December 05, 2018 3 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

The tardis of camp kitchens; compact, complete and lightweight to go anywhere


Plates and bowls – check.

Knives, forks and spoons – check.

Cups for cold drinks – check… oh and coffee cups just to be sure.

This is hard work on the brain trying to remember everything for a simple picnic cook up.

Eggflip, ladle, sharp knife, scissors – check

Kettle, frypan and pot – check.

Ice brick, water and ummm… what else have I forgotten?

Oh yeah, the stove, can’t forget the stove… must chuck that in just before we leave… if I can find it!

Where is my esky, bugger, did someone put it in the shed last time we came home?

Whether you’re prepping for an impromptu picnic at the beach, lake or ya’ mates place, or preparing regular meals while on holidays, there are so many small bits and pieces that can easily be forgotten, lost or left behind.

Not so with the Kookabox.

Everything, and I mean everything from my dishevelled list above, plus more, is included in the Kookabox. Everything to feed four hungry, thirsty people all contained in a manageable high quality, lightweight box.

I think someone has been listening to my prayers!  

The Kookabox is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium sheeting combined with a sturdy tubular stainless steel frame. Weighing just 18.6kgs, including the butane gas cooker, the Kookabox is your ideal family kitchen for on-the-go people, regardless if you’re a caravanner, camper, fisher, boatie, 4WDer, horse rider, bike rider, truck driver or simply hanging out with your mates in the backyard or courtyard.

The Kookabox is more than a simple and convenient storage box; it incorporates a lightweight, rechargeable, 5000 milliamp lithium battery which powers a water pump for the five litre water reservoir with swing out spout, plus an LED light to make for easy night time use. Simple front-mounted buttons are activated once the power bank is charged and plugged in via the USB outlet. Given it’s a USB connection; there is no reason you couldn’t recharge your phone or other handheld devices if needed.

There’s also an ice box that’ll keep contents cool for up to (claimed) 10 hours. While it’s not huge, there’s room enough for a six pack, meat and a few extras; what more do you need!

All the included cutlery, crockery, containers and utensils are all high grade, not flimsy, el cheapo plastic garbage. Stainless steel, insulated coffee mugs, stainless steel plates and bowls and all backed by stainless knives, spoons and forks will see you dining in luxury the same as you would at home.

There’s even a…ummm… pair of scissors that seems to double as a nut cracker, bottle opener, jar opener, possibly a nose piecer and an extra blade that I’m not entirely sure what you would cut with it.  While not overly positive what to call this evil looking contraption, I’d imagine a more kitchen-orientated person than I could give me the lowdown.

A kettle, frypan and saucepan cleverly pack within themselves for excellent space saving and there is a safety latch that ensures the butane cooker can’t be left activated when closing the top lid.

When opened, the front flip-down lid doubles as a cutting and food preparation surface, plus silver heat resistance surface to place the hot kettle or saucepan on – very clever!

Carrying the lightweight portable kitchen is made easy with the side-mounted spring-loaded handles. When not in use, they fold flat to save packing space. While both top and front lids are only held closed via hidden magnets, they seem to do the job adequately.

While the Kookabox is not waterproof to cart on your roof racks during rain, I’d suggest given the materials it’s made with, water won’t damage it.

I reckon the Kookabox may just save my bacon next time we’re ducking ‘round to a mates place for a BBQ or down the river for a weekend. Given everything is included, how could I possibly forget anything?

Now, where are my car keys?

RRP $999.00 Christmas Special offer $799 includes GST + freight!

For more information check out the video or to purchase see www.landmarkoutdoorleisure.com.au or www.ontheroad.com.au   


By: Mark Allen

This article originally appears on ontheroadmagazine.com.au

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