Kookabox Portable Camp Kitchen

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The Only Complete Portable Camp Kitchen You'll Ever Need! SOLD OUT

The KOOKABOX is a complete portable, self-sufficient camp kitchen weighing just 18.6kgs and measures 640 W x 400 H x 320 D, made out of aircraft grade aluminium for ultra light weight and extreme durability and strength combined with stainless steel frame.

The KOOKABOX comes complete with all the equipment you need and expect in a fully functioning camp kitchen. It includes a saucepan, frying pan, 4 stainless steel plates & desert bowls, 4 insulated stainless steel mugs which can be used for hot or cold drinks, 4 drinking cups, BBQ implements including tongs, spatula, salad spoons, vegetable peeler & scissors, stainless steel cutlery for 4, 4 stainless steel spice/condiment containers, 5L water tank with electric pump, LED lighting and a chiller/cooler box. Separate drawer to hold your oils & sauce bottles. Kettle is an optional extra.

The KOOKABOX is a 100% Australian designed product and is a ‘world first’ to provide a complete portable outdoor camp kitchen with all the components housed in a compact all-in-one box. The KookaBox is easily carried and easily stored in small spaces and provides a means to just go and see what’s down the track, over the hill, up the river or around the corner.

All the extras and without any restrictions to enjoy the great outdoor Aussie cooking! Stock is now available.